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Spring in Ojai, when the aroma of orange blossoms permeates the air and right now Pixie Season is here.

The temperature is perfect from March through May. Early spring rainfall makes everything green in the mountains and along our hiking trails. It’s the time of year when we celebrate this tiny fruit, the Ojai pixie. I stay busy playing in the kitchen creating flavorful ways to incorporate this wonderous fruit into dozens of recipes.

You will see Pixies everywhere! Served in and on everything.  A Taste of Ojai recipes celebrate the Pixie with an Ojai Pixie Spritz; a Spring salad with fennel and crushed pistachio with a bright Citrus thyme vinaigrette, Olive fig and tangerine chicken and candied Pixies that Grace a citrus almond olive oil cake served with a delicious creamy Pixie tangerine curd.

I consider food and cooking to be one of the purest pleasures of life, and here in the Ojai Valley, it is gratifying to have time to slow down and relax as we prepare and enjoy our meals. I am thrilled to be able to share with you some of the brilliance of this special place I call home.

Watch how to make my delicious Pixie Crab Salad with a citrus-thyme vinaigrette, I hope you can join me in one of my local cooking classes  *  Buy a downloadable pdf of all the citrus recipes—In The Orchard chapter—from A Taste of Ojai II Cookbook

A Taste of Ojai II Cookbook, Flavors of the Valley

A collection of recipes inspired by the bounty of local ingredients available in Ojai. Over 60+ recipes to help you create meals infused with the spirit of Ojai.


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