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Take an inside look at all four cookbooks and discover a delightful variety of recipes and mouthwatering photographs.

A Taste of Ojai II
Flavors of the Valley

More than 60 recipes for cocktails, appetizers, salads, main courses, side dishes, desserts, and more!

There’s something special about Ojai. Our beautiful valley, backed by the Topatopa Mountains and bordering the Los Padres National Forest, is a haven for nature lovers, hikers, artists, spa-goers, and golfers. Ojai is a small town, only 10 by 3 miles wide, but its village-like center, Spanish architecture, and Mission-style main-street arcade is dotted with art galleries, chic boutiques, family-run businesses, and wine bars. With its hidden hot springs and storied spiritual vortex, Ojai is full of natural beauty, a place to refresh your senses, where city dwellers and a new wave of homesteaders come to escape the stresses of urban life. Ojai is particularly known for the “Pink Moment,” when the sun sets and everyone stops, faces east, and silently takes in the rosy hue on Chief’s Peak and the Topatopa Bluffs. The spirit of Ojai offers a welcoming scene and a blend of the old and the new, with a country vibe fueled by nature, oranges, spiritual retreats, hiking, and wine.


Crafting A Meal, Mediterranean Style
A Taste of California, Santa Barbara

Crafting a meal means more than just recreating recipes, however. These chapters were created with everything you might choose for an entire dinner, starting with a cocktail, some tapas or appetizers, followed by the first-course salad or soup, a main dish with sides, and finishing off with a homemade dessert. Make all the dishes from a single chapter for a themed meal or “craft” a personal one by choosing recipes from all around the Mediterranean.



Simply Delicious Wine Country Recipes
A Taste of California, Santa Ynez Valley

A great recipe not only starts with great taste but also healthy quality ingredients. Inspired by wine country —recipes, simple and updated Mediterranean way of preparing and eating food that changes with the seasons and celebrates the fruits from the fields and orchard, farm-raised meats from the pasture, fish from the rivers, and seafood from the sea, paired with your favorite wines.


A Taste of Ojai I
A Collection of Small Plates

A collection of ‘small plates’, celebrating harvests that grow plentifully here in the Ojai Valley. Small and usually shared dishes based on tapas in Spain, Mezze, in both Turkey and Greece, Italian Antipasti, as well as Moroccan and Middle Eastern flavors, with the emphasis on savory and spice. The thought behind this book presents ideas of foods that can be served as small plates for any time of day, just one plate or a selection of a few.