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Spring in Ojai – the aroma of orange blossoms permeates the air, and winter’s rain has made the whole valley feel fresh and green. It is a particularly lovely time to live here or visit.

It’s during Spring that the Ojai Pixie tangerine is in season! Their abundance means that chefs and home cooks throughout the valley are celebrating the juicy goodness of these citrus gems. You will see them featured on many menus throughout Ojai in cocktails, savory dishes and desserts. This is one of my favorite seasons, and why I have dedicated a whole chapter dedicated to citrus In the Orchard in my latest cookbook, A Taste of Ojai II, Flavors of the Valley

We are currently offering 10% off cookbook purchases. use code 10FRIENDS. We think you and your family will enjoy the tasty celebration of pixie season, with these citrus inspired recipes:
● tangerine ginger-turmeric tonic
● Ojai pixie spritz cocktail
● spring citrus salad + pixie crab salad
● citrus-thyme vinaigrette
● olive, fig + tangerine chicken
● Ojai citrus-almond olive oil cake
● candied tangerines + tangerine syrup
● pixie tangerine curd
● spiced tangerine tea

Time in the kitchen and celebrating the abundance of the season can be a truly nourishing and meditative experience. Please take the time to watch Chef Robin walk you through the steps of making the Pixie Crab Salad with a Citrus-Thyme Vinaigrette. This dressing is a recipe that she uses throughout the season for other simple salads, drizzled over grilled fish, or used as a marinade for chicken.