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Smoked Salmon and Preserved Lemon Labneh Flatbread

If you are looking for a breakfast for dinner idea, check this out. In Lebanon, Manakesh is known as the go-to breakfast, very similar to how we in America consider an egg + cheese sandwich as our go-to breakfast. Manakesh are very popular Middle-eastern flatbread topped with a variety of toppings such as za’atar, cheese, onion-tomato mixture. The dough recipe I use for these homemade flatbreads comes from the neighbors I grew up next to. I just love the touch of olive oil in it. The only difference, I have adapted over time and created other options to top with. Most often they are made about the size of a personal pan pizza and folded in half like a sandwich for easy consumption. Or as pictured I like to shape them into a longer oval to cut up as appetizers. While there are many different flavors used, feel welcome to create your own favorite!