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A great recipe not only starts with great taste but also healthy quality ingredients. Inspired by wine country —recipes, simple and updated Mediterranean way of preparing and eating food that changes with the seasons and celebrates the fruits from the fields and orchard, farm-raised meats from the pasture, fish from the rivers, and seafood from the sea, paired with your favorite wines. Explore dozens of recipes and more in our four locally made in California cookbooks by Chef Robin.



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May 7, 2021

Lavender Inspirations

      Another simply delicious recipe is my Lavender Mascarpone Spread. You can use this as a substitute for whipped cream to serve alongside a chocolate…
May 6, 2021

Lavender Infusions

I love to promote the many uses of this purple flower that thrives in the Ojai Valley’s Mediterranean region. Lavender grows very well in this climate. the…
April 18, 2020

Chef Robin’s Pantry Essentials

Here are some of my "necessary for survival" essential pantry items that I keep stocked in my cupboard Oil: Extra–Virgin, Toasted Sesame, Garlic Oil Other flavored oils…

A Taste of Ojai II Cookbook, Flavors of the Valley

A collection of recipes inspired by the bounty of local ingredients available in Ojai. Over 60+ recipes to help you create meals infused with the spirit of Ojai.


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